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This FAQ is mainly about Octo Print, which is the host software that talks to your printer.

Octo Pi - the custom distribution that includes said software among other things - is a project of itself maintained by Guy Sheffer.

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For my own printer choice, I prefer to refrain from supporting a company with business ethics like that.

You are welcome to discuss all things Octo Pi related on the Mailinglist or in the G community, but this Github project you are looking at here is the one of Octo Print, so please help to keep things manageable.

In short: Before opening any tickets on this project's tracker here, first make sure it's really related to Octo Print (problems with the web interface, connection or other communication issues with your printer, etc) and not just about the SD card image you installed to get up and running quickly (download problems, flashing problems, webcam support, network connectivity, software versions including the version of Octo Print, etc).

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