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Berry became the first black to win the Oscar for Best Actress, as the wife of an executed prisoner who falls for his racist killer in Monster's Ball.Berry long refused to do nude scenes, but bared her breasts in Swordfish in exchange for a half-million-dollar bonus.There are clues, and of course, there is the curse to take into consideration.The story of the curse is based loosely on another legend, and it warns that seven must die before the mystery is solved, and so far six men have tragically lost their lives.She won an Emmy for the 1999 HBO movie, Introducing Dorothy Dandridge, where she played the star of Porgy and Bess.Dandridge was the first black actress nominated for an Oscar.

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His parents tied the knot when the marriages between two different races were very uncommon thus Shemar Moore feels proud of his family background and identity.

Though his mother was a homemaker but she gave her best in nurturing her kid while his father was a business consultant.

When he was young, his parents divorced and then he is fostered by a mother.

Fully aware of the curse, Rick and Marty have been very careful to take every safety precaution possible.

They also have put to good use any previous knowledge gleaned from those who know the island and its history.

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