Subversion checksum mismatch while updating

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I've got mine on my laptop, dev server, and production server, and all are (generally) up-to-date.If the repository gets corrupted you shouldn't hyperventilate knowing at least the latest rev of your data is in multiple places.As I mentioned already in my previous comment, you should report your issue to our [email protected], which is a much better place for troubleshooting.

I'm sorry, but I'm closing your issue as "Invalid" for now.We have 6 repository on SVN Server all have java code but in one there is code.All the users who used that code's repository are facing problem in SVN-Checkout, SVN-Commit and SVN-Update the problem that all are faced is cheksum mismatch error while updating, commiting and chekout. And this error is not come not only single file every time this will come on new file.It looked something like this: Transmitting file data ..svn: Commit failed (details follow): svn: Checksum mismatch for '/Users/maymay/Sites/path/to/subversion/working/copy/.svn/text-base/svn-base'; expected 'cde4d8fbd5c623da3a8b1a343aa7b3f4', actual: '270b2f20804a5fcdbd15eec5910f6e3f' file and the copy I was asking it to commit weren’t the same.It would be nice if it would actually tell me why that happened, but it’s clearly more temperamental than that. ) I simply checked out a new working copy of this directory, examined the checksums and, voila, Subversion has been fooled. Step by step (because I’m sure someone, somewhere, somehow, will run into this again—if it’s not me that is!

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