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Peavey told me awhile back that 6 months of steady use and you should change the tubes. #2: Gibson Lab Series Used price- 0 or less These Moog designed amps were very well made and quite dependable, but probably misunderstood for its time.

Lots of different eq settings were available, which made many guitarists feel (yours truly included) a bit overwhelmed.

Although it is outfitted with four EL 84’s, its no AC-30. Later on Peavey, through its dealers, started selling Russian (Sovtek) tubes as replacements, but these tubes biased a lot cooler then the Chinese ones did.

And unlike many other EL 84 combos the Delta is not cathode biased, so when you change tubes the amp must be rebased. Also if you want the amp to sound good all night long, have a tech install a fan to cool off those overworked power tubes.

Der ursprüngliche VOX AC10 wurde in den Sechziger Jahren populär und ist zu einer gesuchten Rarität der Firma VOX geworden.

Der AC10C1 führt die Tradition des Originals fort und bietet 10 Watt und den klassischen Top Boost Sound sowie einen Hall und Mastervolumen Regler.

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Blue Book of Guitar Amplifier Values Online Subscription The Blue Book of Guitar Amplifiers is available through our website as an online subscription!A YBA-1 has a nominal 8 ohm output, and the two speaker jacks are wired in parallel.Runs on less than 440 volts, weighs 39 pounds Dimensions: 8"x18"x10" (HWD); weight: 40 lbs. (source: Catalog) Silvery grey grille cloth; Original layout was very close to the tweed Bassman and the Marshall JTM-45 50-watt models; noticably huge big heavy transformers are a Traynor hallmark in these units up till the approximately 1972 models; Early models were tube rectified (5AR4) and used two 7027A power tubes.Den AC30 Custom gibt es ab sofort auch als Topteil, das Ihrem Rig noch mehr Bums verleiht!Der AC15 Custom Twin erweitert die Soundpalette mit einem zweiten 12” Celestion G12M Greenback Speaker, welcher den vollen, schimmernden Klang des traditionellen AC15 Custom Twin bietet.

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