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Many of these unlucky-in-love women want to return home from their two-week break with a tan, a smile — and a new lover in tow who can give them the affection they have craved for years.The young men, some of them teenagers, target the white women.We have agreed to call this woman "Kate", and such is her fear of social backlash that when we interview her, we film her in silhouette.Several other women had agreed to be interviewed by Lateline, then changed their minds over concerns they would be targeted on social media for their views.

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If so many people will vibe with Carrie's corny ass, it's not like I'm going to be hella judged if my opening joke doesn't land.To bridge that gap, he asked five handsome 20-year-old men – winnowed down from a larger group rated for attractiveness by 28 women – to ask unsuspecting females for a date.On sunny summer days, the hunks approached the first young woman they saw on a street corner and delivered a standard pick-up line: “Hello. I just wanted to say that I think you’re really pretty.THE middle-aged women chatting and sipping cocktails on a sunshine holiday feel they’ve picked the perfect spot for a break.For The Gambia — a country known as the Smiling Coast of Africa — fits the bill for just what they are seeking. The smiling, obliging and charming Africans give them the kind of attention that some of them may not have enjoyed for years.

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